Jun 2, 2009

India v/s Australia....No it's not Cricket this time

Indians Down Under & the Racism Issue

I would like to start it off with a small question; Can you clap with one hand?Obviously you cannot!!! I think this probably will set the tone and give you all an idea about my thoughts to be featured ahead in the article. I seriously condemn the attacks faced by Shravan Kumar & Sourabh Sharma and the others. It is something that might critically affect the relations between India & Australia. I have been following the updates to these since last couple of days and have found out some interesting feedbacks and reviews from Indians based in Australia & other Western countries. Well, I am not denying the possibility of presence of racial discrimination behind the attacks but then I am also not totally convinced of that being the main reason. My friends working abroad are staying with Indians; even I would have done the same. When at job or college again they have a formed a group of their own which is very Indian origin oriented. So basically, they are forming a community, which is obvious to happen. Even in India, when you take up professional courses like MBA in a city like Pune you will find small groups formed within divisions/classes. And very often do we find these groups pulling each other’s leg or passing comments. Now, this is what I think has occurred there and has not been taken in stride by the Aussies. Well, again this might be a possibility and may not be the actual reason. Another thing that I feel might be a big reason is that Indians basically are very conservative and as a reason try to find out ways of saving. As a result the Indian community there, is living in suburbs and not in actual cities. Now, that may be a reason behind these attacks. And one big issue that can be an actual cause is that Indians might have not integrated with the Aussie culture. You need to be polite and polished type of an individual in such countries. It’s very important to express gratitude or apologize when needed which when not done seems to be rude and offensive.So, I come back to my question again to point out and state that I think that it's both the countries who need to sort it out by knowing each other and adapting to each others ways because it's neither going to be good to the Indians nor the Aussies because Indians not sending their children for higher studies over there will be a bigger setback for them. If above said issues are or might be the reasons for these attacks then we need to change, which in turn will change the Aussies. Having said that, if racism is the actual issue then some harsh steps need to be taken and the culprits should be punished. Whatever be the reasons, measures should be taken asap to avoid any further similar issues taking place which might led down to a possible downfall between both the countries.

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Psych Babbler said...

I don't know if you heard but attacks have been by people of indigenous, asian, middle-easter, pacific islander and anglo-saxon backgrounds. So while it is possible one or two may have been racially motivated, majority of the crimes against the Indians are opportunistic considering Indian students travel late at night from uni or work and live in suburbs that are at risk of violence anyway. I'm not saying I condone the attacks but the Indian media has made it worse by claiming all of the attacks to be racially motivated. The few racists are having their points proved about Indians the way the reaction has been.