Jun 8, 2009

Leader vs Manager

I think many amongst the readers of this article would have an idea about these two entities, though would like to pen down my views for the ones who don’t know it because this question once had led to my downfall in an interview.

They say “Leaders are born, Managers are made”. I strongly believed in it and after brainstorming with several of my friends and professors I came to a conclusion Leaders can also be made. So, to all those people who think leaders are born and they are not leaders then they should think twice and slog it out to transform themselves into a leader.

If you don the skills of a “Manager”, you probably will be good or may be very good. However, the path to “Good to Great” lies in donning the skills of a “Leader”

Following are some of the characteristics displayed by both of them


Works in High Risk Zone and is not at all afraid of failures and has belief in his strengths.

Has followers and not subordinates.

Never asks others to follow him. His charisma does it without saying a word.

Is a visionary, strategist, inspirational figure.

Follows what heart says.

Followers are always loyal to leaders.

Followers need not be paid; it’s the leader’s influence that makes them follow him.

Leader is a manager.


Have subordinates and not followers.

Is more process driven.

Works from head and not from heart.

Focuses more on efficiency.

Subordinates may or may not be loyal and are paid to follow.

Manager may not be a leader.

Approach is more risk aversive.


pawan said...

You are deft at writing and it shows!
But your theme is a big let down!
Please do opt for a much lighter theme, where one can read at ease!


Sumeet.Shah said...

Thanx Pawan,

Here's the new template. Thanx for the suggestion

Vineeta said...

Hey nice topic!!
After working for long in this corporate world.. I have learnt one thing..

Managers have to manage people.
People just follow leaders!!

First is with efforts involved.
Second is just involuntary!!