Jun 18, 2009

T20 World Cup Loss!!!! What can we learn out of it????

It’s really hard to digest the ouster of our team from the ongoing world cup. We are living in an emotional country and as a result understanding the vent of the on going anger against the team is very obvious. But I fail to understand the logic of this mind. When we are wrong we seek compromise and we speak judgment when others are wrong. I would agree to the fact that even I am one among you all and together we all, I think are making an issue out of the loss. Effigies are being burned around in the country, our cricketers are being cursed for the loss. But then why are we forgetting that this is the same team that won us the world cup last time around. Has any one ever expected the same out of himself/herself? Had we been there in the same position we would have compromised by giving petty reasons but because it was someone else involved we got angry and started passing judgments. And to encourage them we have our media who is nothing less than a hopeless crap, creating nuisance each and every time. Can anyone explain me why should Dhoni be fired from captain’s role???? He is the same guy who won you the cup last time.

Our life is a cycle. Ups and down are part of it. Till the time you don’t face the downs how are you going to grow. He took charge of the team after being knocked out of 2007 ODI world cup. That was even big a disaster in Indian terms. In last two years Indian cricket team and Dhoni in particular have seen a complete cycle. He enjoyed the success in 20-20, Australia, England, New Zealand and the loss in recent world cup.

Instead of sitting and crying over the loss we should find out what all can we learn from it?

Optimum use of resources: Several times did Dhoni err by not using the resources up to their potential. Example: Couple of our specialist bowlers did not get their quota to bowl. Yusuf’s power went under utilized.
Right people in right place all the time: Yuvraj being sent lower down the order did not help his cause because his arrival was at the time when he could not set his eye in before unleashing. Another example being Jadeja.
Discipline: Though bhajji bowled brilliantly he will not forgive himself because somewhere within he knows that even he is responsible for the loss against England. He bowled 5 wides twice in that match.
Importance of Basics: Never did Ishaant or Irfan try to use the conditions to their favour. Ishaant was too full most of the times.
Respect your adversary for his Strengths: Rohit Sharma under rated the bowlers and got out twice in same fashion against W.I. & England.
Teamwork: Not once did our bowling attack looked to have any vigor. It takes two to tango. Had there been a spell of good bowling from both ends we would have done better.
Accountability: In today’s world you just cant get through by doing your amount of work. It doesn’t mean you need to do others work but you need to compliment and be accountable for the output. You need to make your team mates feel comfortable in tough situations

These are some points that we can learn out of the loss and try and implement them in our day to day lives. 1 big thing I have learnt in life is “Caliber of a person is not how well he prepares for everything to go right but how he stands up & moves on after everything has gone wrong.”

So, I am sure very soon “Team India” would bounce back and would be causing tremors in every opponents psyche.

I will keep adding to the points mentioned above. So keep a track of it.


Shilpa Garg said...

Cool Analysis Sumeet! A Cricket Analyst on TV can be a part-time job option! What say?? Great going!!

Travel Videos said...

India did not played upto their potential and Dhoni's terrible captaincy just added upto the pressure. I think this suggests that their are no favourites in T20.

free bie said...

the losses were only and only due to injury and fatigue..... you've watched frm TV channels :D.

Sumeet.Shah said...

i do agree with your comments. However, I want to emphasize on the above shortcomings which can also lead to a downfall in our personal life if not taken care of.