May 30, 2009

"The Wealthiest Gift" & "Mr. Milind Prabhudesai"

Milind Sir's Gift to me

“Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish” is a book for all those aspiring entrepreneurs out there in this world. I have read at least 10 mgmt books, however this one happens to be the first book that I have not bought. It also happens to be the “Wealthiest Gift” that I have received in my corporate life.

The road map to achieve this wealthiest gift started back in October ’08 when I joined Xpanxion. While joining this company I felt I would fail miserably as the role that I had been chosen for was something that I had really no idea about. I was supposed to report to the COO of the organization Mr. Milind Prabhudesai. Coming out fresh from college, I doubted my abilities because reporting to such a senior person in company was a challenge and I never had even spoken to a C – level person in my lifetime till then.

However, the journey began and slowly but surely I started grasping relevant stuff needed for me to be at least reasonably average in my performance. “Milind Sir” (that’s how I addressed him) never made me feel that I was not up to the mark but always guided me and played the role of a mentor rather than a “Boss”. This approach of his was surprising for me because being in continuous touch with my college friends all I heard was about their bosses, the way they pressurized my friends and made their life a living hell. I was lucky enough to be under the guidance of Milind Sir. Through out my tenure with Xpanxion I was more like a student than an employee. That is when I got more comfortable and started giving my best output probably after first month which I spent learning the business.

During my mgmt studies, I had many times heard from my teachers, professors the importance of possessing “right attitude”. I always wondered what this “right attitude” is. Well, needless to say, after working with “Milind Sir” I realized what it is and my goal in life now is to replicate it. Unfortunately, I had to leave Xpanxion because of certain unforeseen circumstances and I really regret not working with him anymore.

Now, I am waiting for that day when I will get an opportunity to work with him yet again and be a student to him yet again and work even more harder to receive another “Wealthiest Gift” from him.

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