Jun 21, 2009

For all those who are in hunt of their first job

First job probably (yes….. probably and not definitely) architects our future because though we move out fresh from college with loads of talent and exuberance, couple of fancy degrees in our hand, the ability to take head strong decisions we are not aware how much the corporate life plays an important role in deciding our future. We can get away with an overloaded pocket at the end of month but then it is of no use if you are not into the job that you do not like. In today’s world, getting a job is not tough, sustaining in the job is. And it is increasingly tough to do so if you do not like your job even if you are taking away a fat six-figure cheque back home.
I would like to pen down some points that a fresher should consider while hunting his/her first job.
1. The 5 important parameters while applying for a company.
a. Brand of the company
b. The Sector in which the company operates
c. Salary offered
d. Location offered
e. Profile offered
These are possibly the 5 most important points (not in the sequence that I have noted them) to be considered while looking for a job in any given company. Now, you need to rate every parameter according to your priorities. It’s highly improbable for all 5 parameters to be fulfilled. So while applying for any company you need to consider above parameters. If at least 3 of them are fine with you, then I would suggest going ahead and giving a try. For fresher I would suggest to rate profile and industry above everything because as I said earlier, the work you do in first two years will probably be the base of your future work.

2. Importance of a good CV; not a Resume or Bio-data. (Know the difference between them? No!!!! Click
The contents of a CV are and should be written in following manner
a. Objective: Objective should include
- the job you are applying for
- why you would be great in this position
- what assets will you bring to company if hired.
Never copy-paste the objective of others. Create one of your own. It will be easy for you to justify it if questioned for the same.
b. Professional Details: You need to bullet down the important facets of work done in the internships. Try avoiding following ways of writing;
- I covered the Western Mumbai region
- My work was to handle the Western Mumbai region.
- Never write I, Me, and We in your professional details
Instead, write in this manner
- Covered the Western Mumbai region and was responsible for….. etc etc
c. Work Duration: If you have work experience, try avoiding following ways of presenting it;
- XYZ tech (25th July ’07 – 24th Nov ‘08)
Instead, write in this manner
- XYZ tech (July ’07 – Nov ’08)
Note: The contents of your CV should be entirely written by you and they should not be copied from anywhere else. I small point that you have copied be it objective or a weakness, if you are asked to justify the same, it will be really tough for you to do so. The reason being, whenever we write specific details about ourselves we actually think about it while writing which is enough for us to justify while facing the interview.
You should know every single word in your CV and should be in a position to explain the reasons behind it.

3. Group Discussion
I will write down the basics of a GD and not what topics to prepare on. That is something that needs no guidance at this point of time when you are about to apply for a job.
There are certain myths involved around Group Discussions. Following are the points to be considered.
- Speaking first gives you advantage: A highly wrong notion that we all carry. Just to speak first we concentrate more on that rather than thinking constructively about the topic. Instead spend the time in constructive thinking and listen to what first 2-3 candidates speak about. You may then get an idea and accordingly you can guide the entire discussion (provided your preparation in the initial time given to you was good).
- Concluding first gives you advantage: Again a wrong notion. Same things written above apply here. Never be in hurry to do so. Conclusion is that part of GD where no one will interrupt you. Effectively this is the most important point in GD where you can create the maximum impact with a good conclusion.
- Speaking more and in high tone works for you: Guys, it’s a GD, a corporate is examining you. So try and maintain composure, don’t be soft but be firm enough in while speaking to create impact and it also looks sensible and decent. Speaking more and in high tone will land you in wrong place and possibly in wrong job.
- Stats and Figures: What of the following sounds good?
a. Indian organizations acquired many MNCs in USA in last two years.
b. At least 143 MNCs in USA were acquired by Indian organizations in last two years.
I don’t think there is need of further more explanation on this point.

4. Personal Interview: Some important points to consider
- Be yourself. Do not try to pretend. If you are not good at something you are not good at it. As simple as that.
- Admit if you are nervous. The interviewer is a human being and won’t eat you up if you try to hide it. In fact, he may then go a bit easy in your case.
- Be thorough with your objective, strengths, weaknesses, scores in all the examinations, justification for low scores, reasons to join that specific company, industry study (stats and figures), company study (key executives, revenue details,)

If freshers follow these steps I am sure they would be better prepared to get the right job and not a job that they are not interested in because as I said in the beginning of the article, "Getting the job is easy, sustaining in it is tougher".
I will like to wrap up the article here though would keep on updating it as and when I get some more points to add to it.

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Shilpa Garg said...

A Teaser!! Good Marketing Strategy!!

Gautam said...

ru joking :D

Sumeet.Shah said...

@Shilpa... Thanx. Thats the outcome of doing MBA.

@Gautam.... Wait and watch. THe article will speak about how to prepare for your first job during your placements.

harshada said...

Hey Sumeet ...its very nice one!!!!!

Shilpa Garg said...

Thats a crisp and clear; systematic and practical, comprehensive yet simple guide for freshers!
A Good Post!!

Deepesh said...

hey good work!!!
good help for the freshers...as they r so very novice!!

Ruchi said...

Too Good article.....Complete information for job seekers.Congs for your new jobs :)

Gautam said...

nice and informative one.....freshersworld

pallavi said...

itz really nice!! :thumbs up: have u shared it wid d coll? itz very informative.. AMAZED!!

pallavi said...

itz really nice!! :thumbs up: have u shared it wid d coll? itz very informative.. AMAZED!!

Anirudh said...

Thank you for giving a good piece of information.

Shankar said...

wow...nice info sumeeth...I am n hunt of my first job..... it would help me a lot..

Shruti said...

Hi sumeet!
i wanna get into a detailed comment here!
hope you won't mind!
company selection everything is very good! But How many will get to personalise on these things?!
The situation is like--getting a job with a decent salary is Ok!! They don bother about place or location! We, say around 30 people got placed in a pretty decent company with a handsome package! But still we are waiting for the DOJ! Seeing this situation, Nearly 85% of them got into ITES/BPO!! for a meagre 4 digit salary!

Importance of CV!!
Best and neatly portrayed! Many don't know the difference between the three! wise of you to tell them here!!

i attended a first company..Leading IT solutions.. GD topic was given and i initiated the speech and gave valuble points,even my fellow job aspirants also appreciated on the spot! i was very sure that i wil get placed in that company..To my horror myself another guy (bth of us spok well) got rejected! When we approached one of the HR's for knowing the reason, they said they don't want junior programming engineers who have the ability to ask questions.. I was awestruck!
No explanation can be given to this again! But you gave good thoughts!

I completely nod my head for this!!

overall, very well written and professionally compiled!!

keep smiling!

Vineeta said...

Thank God.. I am out of this nw!! I would add one more point - Waiting in long queues for walk-ins!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, very interesting post, greetings from Greece!