May 16, 2009

My Farewell Speech as the President of the College

As the President of the College for the batch '06 - '08 I had to deliver a speech on our last day, 13th May '08. Following is the speech.

" Milke bichadna dastoor hai zindagi ka,

Ek yahi kissa mashahoor hai zindagi ka,

Beetey huay pal kabhi laut kar nahi aate,

yahi sabse bada kasoor hai zindagi ka"

A very warm afternoon to one & all present here.

Today, on the 13th of May 2008, I take a lot of pride to stand in front of you all as the president of the batch which is the archies of ISBS (Indira School of Business Studies). The batch today is armed with two years of thorough learning & the mettle to break through every barrier, the mettle which is the ammunition of every dare devil of this batch.

Every time when any one of us looks back, always remembers the first day of college, 21st Aug '06, a campus with number of classrooms, a batch of 180 new faces, new students, some shy, some outspoken, some aggressive, some submissive but with a common mission of melting the rock of the corporate world. It all started with the OMT (Outbound Management Training), continued with brain storming lectures & dazzled up with fun-filled events from "Jimmy Carter's Habitat for Humanity" to "Fundoo", from Marketing Excellence to "Foundation Day", from "Summits" to "Marching of Knights in the Campus".

A lots of things were seen & learnt in these two years, some good & some not so good experiences, but then some one has wisely said that it is better to get your hands burnt rather than getting them cut. Today, the once new 180 faces from different parts of country represent one name & will pass out with only one identity, identity of being an Indiraite. We the apprentice of Indira, now roll out with gimmicks of management & teachings of our beloved professors with whom we learnt the mantra of E = MC2,

where E = Excellence in Corporate World

M = Management

C = Confidence & Character

Confidence that beats within every heart of Indiraite & Character that will define the purpose of existence.

I take this as an opportunity to acknowledge the contribution of faculty memebers for making we what I am today. The memories, unbounded support, team effort & most importantly the joy of working are a part of mine & would remain forever.

Today being the last day I cannot leave without mentioning the contribution of my college mates who not only worked as a team but always displayed grit & character to face toughest of situations.

I would like to offer a special thanks to out Director Dr. Renu Bhargava for always being present in our thick and thin, providing an interface between theorotical & practical world, introducing us with ground reality & making us believe that we can achieve our goals.

Now I would like to acknowledge the efforts put in by the junior batch & wish them all the best for their future endeavors & today I finally hand over the baton to next president Sumit Ghosh.

To conclude I would say,

With more than 300 people sitting in front of me for the last words of presidentship this is the ultimate moment of happiness for me. I take with me the best experience of being a leader, a brother, a student and most importantly as a friend.

I am grateful to all present here to be a part of our last day in college.

Thanks & Wish you "All the Best"

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