May 26, 2009

“Body v/s Mind” & “Master v/s Slave”

Gone are those days when people used to be fresh and bright 25 hrs a day,

Gone are those days when people spent 16 hrs at work and yet found time to spend with family,

Gone are those days when everything was possible in spite of absence of technology,

Gone are those days when people were satisfied with whatever they had,

Gone are those days when walking miles was not a tough task,

Gone are those days when sleep was beautiful and revitalizing,

Gone are those days when a person became old only after reaching 70s,

Those were the days when Mind was the Master and Body was the Slave.

And here we are today with one small yet big question……Why has the situation changed??????????????

Why have we become short tempered these days?

Why have we lost the spark?

Why do we these days decide to get up early and yet fail to do so?

Why do the same hands that set the alarm at night, crawl out of the bed and switch it off in the morning?

Why don’t we find time to spend with our loved ones?

Why have we become time bound?

Why we need missed calls as reminders?

Why do we become restless on missing a couple of TV shows?

Why have we started fighting on petty issues?

Why has our body started giving up so easily?

Why is there an increasing need of joining gym for weight loss?

Why have we become so dependent on a lift and why have stairs started looking like our enemies?

Why climbing up to a hill top looks like climbing mountain Everest to us?

Why is the need of sleeping pills increasing day by day?

Why has the old age started coming in the 40s these days?

Why has the Body become the Master and the Mind become the Slave??????????

Is it because that these days everything is available as and when we want it? Or Is it because of the arrogance that we have started earning in thousands and lacs per month? Or Is it because we have started feeling that we have achieved everything? Or Is it because that we are highly educated today that we have started devaluing our elders?

I don’t know the exact answer to this question, but one thing that I know is that we have changed and this change that I am talking about is not for our good!!!!!!!!!!!

Why can’t we focus and achieve our goals today with the ease with which our parents and grand parents did? Why has our mind become a monkey and has started hopping from one thought to other thought without letting us concentrate on at least one of those?

The time has come friends for us to switch off all the projectors but one that are ON in our heads and start concentrating on every task one by one.

The time has come for the Mind to take control over the Body, time has come for the Master to become master again and Slave to become the slave or else……………


Shilpa Garg said...

Good way of putting our hectic life into perspective! Its time for introspection, before its too late!

Sumeet.Shah said...

Thanks a lot Shilpa!!!!!!

dolly... said...

Thank you very much for showing the reality of our life..........this is not only the story of some of us but most of us and if we want to change this is the right time...............

Sumeet.Shah said...

Thanx alot Dolly!!!!!!!!! Very True