May 13, 2009

The Joy of Going back to College

Its 13th may ’09 and exactly 1 year ago on the same day I moved out of the college life with a dream of conquering the world and creating an identity for self. Well!!!! That dream is in process of becoming a reality. However!!!! Coming back to college..... What days those were! The aroma in canteen, the noise in the parking space, the tussle for chairs in the coffee shop, the fear to stand on stage facing the overcrowded auditorium, all those time bound crushes, the nights spent with friends in studying where we did all stuff other than study, the slogging in the eleventh hour, organizing events, the tension of placements, the fish market in group discussions, the faculties, the office boys, the library, the fear to stand in front of the director, the tapori languages that we used, the two months of summer project and many more such things of the college life is something that I will never forget the entire life of mine.

Today when my juniors are going to move out of this college I felt I should go and meet all of them for all the support and help I received from them during the 1 year of interaction we had. I wanted to see them off and appreciate them for being with me during my thick and thin. I had gone to meet them, I met them, but then when I left the college I don’t know why, but my eyes were full with tears. Probably these were the tears of joy, the joyof going back to college and reviving and cherishing the couple of years that I spent there. For a moment I felt….. damn this world, this life, the office, the work and have a re-admission and re-live those two years again.

But then, this is life and this is how it goes. The couple of hours that I spent in the college today are more than enough for me to spend at least another year before I make a visit back to college and re-live that special life once again………..

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Gaurav said...

We certainly miss those college days!!!!!!!