Aug 2, 2009

Friendship Day

Life means: 8 Friends, Mild Rains, 8 cups of Tea; Lonavla

Life means: 200 bucks of petrol, 6 rusty old bikes and an open road to Malshej

Life means: MIS class, 10 back benchers and 1 JACKASS solution

Life means: Maggie noodles, Flat No 12, Akshay Park, 3:10 am, 52 playing cards

Life means: 1 Prep leave, 1 night, 1 book, and 6 duffers watching India-Australia Test Match

Life means: 1 day, 4 birthday celebrations, 17 friends and a party at Khaana-Peena-Jeena

Life means: Last day of exams, 3 am and 6 friends preparing speech for farewell

Life means: Last day of course, group of friends, crying together @ Level 9

Life means: Friends

Life means: Friendship.........

Thanks a lot guys!!!!!!!! Thanks for being a part of my life and leaving me with the memories which I have tried to capture in the following video.


Shilpa Garg said...

Amazingly beautiful post!!
And equally wonderful moments in the video!!

Shilpa Garg said...

Hmmm....Nice, cool, soothing, and very neat template and layout!
Good one!! :)

Nayan said...

this stuff is crazy man, wid da meaning n ol but even more as how much can everyone associate themselves wid those words ...

Sumeet.Shah said...

Thanks for the comments Shilpa!!!!

Shruti said...

hey nice post!!
belated friendship day wishes!!!