Jul 28, 2009

"Rat Race" alias "Quarter-Life Crisis"

The spark in the eyes has gone. The sense of humor has fazed off. The feeling of growing up sooner and sooner that was there during childhood now looks like a dim-witted one. Today that the teenage is history the present looks like a big mountain to climb. Jobs are ON, some have got married, some are abroad, some are back home with family, some have started their ventures after running out of chances, though ALL…. almost all are not happy for a reason that probably even they themselves don’t know.

Why? Why? Why is this feeling haunting our minds??? We never could live a moment with our friends. We always wanted to be like them. We always were jealous of high fliers in our vicinity. We broke friendships, we made friendships. We flirted. We had; wat… probly n number of crushes!!!!!!!!!!! Today the same friends we parted away with look like were the ones we actually should have hold on with. It’s not long back that we thought like our friends but today we have different goals and we realize that our interests lie in something different and we have no company to walk with to achieve those interests and dreams. We also realize that the job we are doing is the one that we would have never done in the entire life of ours, but we are still sticking with it. Not far back did we stop playing cricket for soccer, soccer for basket ball, basket ball for volley ball, volley ball for something else. We loved change. We loved to experiment.

Where has that spark gone????? Where has that risk taking ability gone???? Getting job was a dream. We achieved. Getting a good profile was a dream. We probably achieved. Now that job was there guys got married and bought home. Because home was bought leaving the job was now next to impossible because of the fat EMIs. Now that’s the result that ppl have lost and today are clueless of what they are doing.

The life was so different some years back. There were no boundaries. There were no limitations. There were several sweet fights amongst friends. Life was so selfless. Movies, Masti, More Masti and even More Masti was the mantra of the life.

Well!!!!!!!!!!! Things have changed and the life has taken a 360ยบ turn and as Robert Kiyosaki says this is called as a “Rat Race”. Another definition for this problem is “Quarter-Life Crisis” (inspired from a mail from my good friend Theo).

This mail is meant for all those who are in their 20 something. And hence the definition “Quarter-Life Crisis”

One interesting thing is that everyone who reads this will relate himself/herself with this article but only a handful will work forward to not to fall in this race or this crisis.


Shilpa Garg said...

The point is that should we be a rat in the rat race and still be a rat on winning the race??
I guess, one ought to know what will give oneself inner satisfaction and where to draw that line of happiness. Otherwise, we can be on the unhappy rat race forever!
Good post, Sumeet!

Theophilus Daniel said...

Yeah! Honestly... Dont u think this "quarter life crisis" is so so true and sometimes u jus cant do anythin about it... Probably u shud add tat also..

pra said...

At this stage of life wvwry one accepts the life as it is. They do not try to change or fight. That is how they become a part of rat race....pity!

Sumeet.Shah said...

@pra: Yup.. u r rite. We have gone in to hibernation. Capabilities are there but the will to use them is not there!!! Pity!!! Thanks for the visit Prashansa..... Looking forward to some more healthy interactions!!!!