Jun 1, 2013

What’s your Decision?

Work hard and succeed is the mantra we have been taught all life. Wonder how our education system has been so dim-witted and obsolete. We have never been educated enough to decide what to work hard for/on? The emphasis here is not to point out the flawed education system so let’s come back to the main topic about making decisions, tough decisions. It’s only after burning our hands & cracking our heads we realize we are better at something else. Come this day and now we are entangled in the life-web where we have realized our strength but are bound by n number of other responsibilities that keep us pulling down from following the path we should always have been. That’s when we end up with no decision and continue the mediocre life. But have you ever realized “I did not take a decision” also means that you took a decision? Life is all about making decisions, tough at times. Our inability to have the guts to do so pushes us in to the rat race. A single rotten mango spoils others but in our case all the mangoes are rotten which clearly spoils us towards indecisiveness. We need to have the heart to stand up and believe in self. The day we start believing in our ability we will be able to take head-strong decisions. The day we believe in standing up in spite of faltering we will be able to take decisions. The day we realize we can do the undoable and beat the unbeatable we will be able to take decisions. But for that we need to take a decision…that we need to decide and not leave it to the almighty. The decision might turn out wrong but the attitude will definitely be not and as we all know it’s the attitude and not the aptitude…

So….. What’s your Decision?

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