Apr 22, 2011

The Story of "Fire Extinguisher"

This is a story of a teenager; now in mid 20s and a completely different person who has been through couple of phases through his life. One phase during the teens and the next one, the current one in the early & mid 20s. These two phases have been a marque of complete disparity. All those people who know him would be extremely happy with the way he, his career, his life has shaped up now. They would definitely vote for the second phase of his life being outstanding and brilliant because he was a real rough and arrogant guy during his teens while today he has settled down and is much like every other lad in the town working morning to evening, 5 days a week, and enjoying the weekends. However, he was not like this always. He gave a damn to the life and lived it like a king. He was arrogant but witty; he was naughty but with an entire bucket full of fire in the belly; he was irregular to classes but bright enough to cover all the stuff within days; he was a joker but never a joke himself. He had a huge reservoir always full with ideas that would make him stand out of the crowd. Making tough stuff look easy was what he liked. He loved chilling out when others slogged their asses out. He did numerous things while in college that only few would do. He rode his 97cc bike like a MotoGP bike. People were scared to sit behind him and the kind of arrogance he had he never ever cared slowing down at least for that ride, not even for the one sitting behind him. It was just a “My Way or Highway” scenario. He sold T-shirts; he sold customized sweatshirts; he burnt CDs and sold them. He stuffed up the entire Car with around 1000 management novels, drove in to the campus, set the boot open and sold almost all of them like a roadside bookseller would do. He never felt “What would others think?”, “Would I look stupid while doing this?”. He did what he felt he should do.

Pages of life have been flipped and a new chapter has begun. He has changed. He has mellowed down. The fire in the belly doesn’t seem to be the same that was there earlier. The fire has started extinguishing. Today the same guy after half a dozen of years has moved ahead and got into a cozy desk job. Making money out of nothing which he once loved has now made its way to a salary account that gets credited every month. To be realistic he has not moved ahead; he has gone a couple of steps backward. He has entered into a comfort zone. All his closed ones like the current phase of his but deep within he knows he is not heading into the right direction. He has become mechanical. His life is now nothing but a routine. He has got lost in the crowd and is in search of mental satisfaction more than anything else. He needs to know soon that there is someone who is acting as a “Fire Extinguisher” and he also needs to know that ‘that someone’ is no one else but himself. He has been a bad “Fire Extinguisher” because he has forgotten that he is dousing off the fire that actually needs to be fuelled with more and more oil, fuel; whatever you wanna call or anything else that you wanna use.

Dear Readers, I know majority of you would find yourselves in the same position and would definitely relate the above story with yourselves. We all have got immense fire and talent to back it up but we do not use it to the optimum, in fact we dont use it. Don’t become a “Fire Extinguisher” to douse the inner fire that will take you nowhere. Let the fire spread not only within yourself but also among your friends and peers only to be successful and create something unique in our life. Remember, there's only 1 life and believe me it's short. Let's work towards creating a legacy that will be remembered and discussed forever.


Sonia Gupta said...

Just after reading the first 2 lines, I knew it was your story. I do agree with your conclusion.. and can relate myself to the same situation.

Sumeet Shah said...

Hey Sonia, Thnx for the comment, you know me quite well and that doesn't surprise me. Sad that we have got in to a rat race...... Need to come up something out of the box

Anonymous said...

Nice Post. This post helped me in my college assignment. Thnaks Alot